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Smart, sustainable tourist cannot just deliver the experience of experiencing some of the world's most spectacular animals, however provide part of the option in guaranteeing they're still there for generations to come. So let's have a look at a few of the wilder and sustainable sides of wildlife tourism.

A captivating location to start our natural journey is with the fireflies of Selangor, among the most appealing and improving sights of Malaysia's natural world. A visit to Kuala Selangor, to the north-west of Kuala Lumpur, enables visitors to value the evening air above the Selangor River with the beauty of Kampung Kuantan Firefly Park.

See the night come alive, brightened by the flicker of these beautiful pests. The fireflies cluster around mangrove trees at the edge of the river, and are well viewed from the row boats which can be employed with friendly local guides. They might be little, but the beauty of the flickering fireflies sweeping through the darkness above the water is not to be understated.

Moving from the miniscule to the ginormous, the stunning elephants of the ASEAN area have long been a draw for tourists. Exposure recently has highlighted some of the less sustainable practices in elephant tourism, but that shouldn't put you off your very own experiences in gaining an understanding of these gorgeous creatures.

The Elephant Nature Park in the Mae Taeng District of Chiang Mai, in the north of Thailand, provides an acclaimed, sustainable alternative to the tourist elephant trips typically discovered somewhere else.

In restoring and supporting saved elephants, you will come to know these beautiful animals more carefully, while taking pleasure in an experience that at the very same time supports a deserving cause. The Elephant Nature Park is the most well-known of a number of sustainable elephant sanctuaries throughout the area, each of which provides you the opportunity to learn the simple satisfactions of feeding, herding and cleaning these stunning creatures.

Elephants provide a famous picture of animal tourism, however the wild nature of South-East Asia is possibly no much better illustrated than in the marvelous orangutan, our personal "man of the forest". These lovely animals have dealt with substantial challenges in the last few years, with the loss of much of their natural habitat.

The Sepilok Orangutan Rehabi litation Centre, situated on a 43sqkm reserve in Sabah, offers visitors an opportunity to see these remarkable animals while supporting an organization that seeks to highlight and attend to the obstacles to their survival.

Visitors to the center are treated to academic videos about these gorgeous creatures, and the chance to view them appropriately in their natural surroundings. There are 5 bus journeys there a day from neighboring Sandakan and the center is open from 9am to 4pm. Go to at feeding time around 10am and 3pm for the very best chance of seeing among these fantastic creatures.

The drive to secure wildlife, while exposing the wonders of the natural world, is at the very heart of Cambodia's Wildlife Alliance. This organization works carefully with government and wild animal’s organizations to support and protect the fantastic animals and their environment throughout Cambodia. Their mandate is not only to secure, however to inform, and as such they offer some terrific chances for sustainable tourism that at the very same time supports their great cause.

The Wildlife Alliance trips at their Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre supply the chance to get up close and personal with saved animals, hand-feed elephants, appreciate the beauty of their rescued big cats in addition to see the prettiest in all nature - the baby animals! A day's tour costs US$ 150 (S$ 203), with a pickup at 8am from Phnom Penh. The payment for these trips goes directly to moneying the organizations operate in the rescue and rehabilitation of animals.

On top of this great day out, the Wildlife Alliance has a range of alternative experiences. This includes belonging to the awe-inspiring moment of release, as restored animals are let totally free into the wilds of the Cardamom Mountains, near Chi Phat in the south-west of Cambodia, to eco-tours of the area around Chi Phat.

For a full-on immersive eco-adventure, you can even take part in their "Be a Ranger" experience, also based in the Cardamom Mountains area. Experience the intense and tough life of a wild animal’s ranger - from patrolling the forests to keeping wildlife safe. The Wildlife Alliance offers a truly unique chance for sustainable travel and enjoying the wonders of the natural world, all while playing your part in assisting to maintain them.

Lastly, if we're to preserve the beauty of nature for the next generation, then informing them about its marvels must begin at an early age. The aptly called "Farm in the City" in Seri Kemban gan, Selangor, is a terrific example of this important chance, and it's right here at our doorstep.

By integrating its role as a nature conservation park with that of an immersive and interactive zoo, Farm in the City indicates the next generation can get a sense of the natural world far eliminated from their frequently city way of lives.

With a range of family-friendly tourist attractions, such as a petting zoo, along with numerous academic programmed and conservation projects, you're bound to motivate a love of the natural world in the younger generation, while taking pleasure in the wonders on program too.

Now go speak with the animals.

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