Tourist business trips in Japan


They likewise cautioned tourists to avoid going to the island just recently.

Online travel operator Ctrip has suspended tour groups to Kyushu for safety concerns, and released a caution on journeys to the island.

It likewise informed tourist guide to cancel stops consisting of Kumamoto and make correct modification on set up trips.

It has about 200 travelers in Kyushu and all of them are safe.

Tuniu, another online travel bureau, recommended travelers preparing to check out Kyushu be cautious and said it will cover the loss arising from the cancelation of orders.

It has 866 tourists who are scheduled to go to Kyushu in the following week.

Travel bureau Tongcheng has likewise adjusted routes with possible safety risks in Japan.

As of 10am, China Southern Airlines and Air China have actually announced they would offer full refund or free modification of date on air tickets from China to Fukuoka set up between Friday and April 22 and April 30 respectively.

Japan stays among the most popular overseas destinations of Chinese travelers. In 2014, about 5 million Chinese tourists visited Japan, and experts expected the twin earthquake will impact Japan's tourism just recently.

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